Am I Next? UnitedHealthcare Layoffs

It appears that UnitedHealthcare will be laying off approximately 381 jobs in Phoenix, Arizona after losing its contract to provide military insurance through the Tricare program.

It should be noted that UnitedHealthcare is a flexible staffer and that jobs lost in one place may be added in another at the convenience of the company. According to published reports, the Tricare contract was valued at $17 BILLION over a five-year period beginning in 2012. The total amount of contracted services to manage the military’s Tricare managed health program is said to be $58 BILLION. Of course, those providers who lost contracts were quick to lodge official protests with the GAO (Government Accountability Office) which was also quick to find “found no basis to sustain or uphold the protest” and deny all of the protest filings. A more comprehensive description of the bidding process and results – including the winning companies – can be found here.