Feather River Hospital destroyed by wildfire. Mass Layoffs.

Roseville, California-based Adventist Health has announced that it will not attempt reopen its 101-bed acute care Feather River Hospital located in Paradise, California. The decision not to reopen the hospital will result in approximately 1,300 layoffs, including full-time and part-time employees. Other facilities and services that will remain closed are: Hospice House, the anti-coagulation clinic and Feather River pulmonary and urology.

The Hospital campus was significantly damaged by the “CAMP” wildfire, the largest fire in U.S. history that destroyed 153, 336 acres and more than 19,000 buildings.

A company spokesperson noted, “We have studied the clean-up and recovery time and costs from other wildfire tragedies in recent years and compared them to the severity of the damage done in Paradise. We now believe that it will be at least 2020 before services could be reopened on the Pentz Road campus. Even then, the type of services required for the community that ultimately redevelops in this geography are likely to be different from what we have historically provided.

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