Am I Next? Nielsen Media Layoffs

Technology giveth and taketh away …

Few should be surprised that Nielsen Media Research, the iconic media measurement service, plans to lay off at least 724 employees in two Florida location as they transition between the use of paper diaries to record user’s habits and preferences to a fully electronic system. Nielsen will be closing its North Venice, Florida Diary Checking Center with 396 employees being permanently laid off. The remaining 52 employees will be transferred to Nielsen’s Sarasota, Florida office. 328 workers will be laid off at Nielsen’s call center in Oldsmar, Florida. 

As consumer devices become web-enabled and can transmit user data to centralized servers, Nielsen’s business model will continue to change forcing Nielsen to purchase data from third-party sources or modify its equipment to intercept and scrape user data from existing devices. There is an upcoming battle between consumers and technology vendors to define which user usage data can be accessed and sold to third-parties under the guise of “improving the user experience” or “precise targeting” to deliver relevant advertising.

Are you asking yourself, Am I Next?