Am I Next? Layoffs at Ryder Logistics

Being part of an integrated supply chain poses its own risks as employees are susceptible to events outside of their industry and outside of their control. Consider the impact of the mass layoff of 700 workers at the Spring Hill, Tennessee General Motors Plan. Ryder Logistics, a subcontractor to General Motors responded with a WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) notice to the State announcing the “permanent layoff” of 361 employees. This will be the second mass layoff to impact the area.

Contrast that with Ryder’s August 2015 announcement … 

“Ryder Supply Chain Solutions plans to create 606 new jobs in Maury County through an expansion of its warehousing, transportation, kitting and assembly operations. The Miami-based commercial fleet management and supply chain company will invest $16.5 million on equipment, information technology, and infrastructure and double to 600,000 square feet the space its warehousing operations occupy on General Motors' Spring Hill campus. Ryder employs 200 people at the logistics operation that supports client manufacturers such as General Motors. Employment would increase to more than 800 over the next five years from the jobs to be added.” <Source>

Time to check if your position dependent on another company or industry doing well.