Am I Next? Fear: The New "Old" Business Model

There have always been charlatans and hucksters selling their newsletters and investment predictions on the basis of an upcoming catastrophe. Using alarmism to rise above the background noise of omnipresent and to command your attention with unconventional advertising. My favorite format is the informational video that always uses a shocking headline indicating an impending financial collapse or medical breakthroughs that are available to readers of a particular and costly newsletter. The best of which appears to be products from the multi-millionaire newsletter guru Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research.

Some of my favorites include “12-Term Congressman Ron Paul's Warning to Americans about the Coming Currency Crisis” and the Stansberry’s 2010 “End of America” video. Many featuring headlines from reputable news organizations and scientific institutions that were cherry-picked to support the main story theme. Many taken out of context and using events with an extremely low probability of occurring in your life.

And, then there is NASA with its newsletter, “Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet" to sell the "scientific consensus" on global climate change. Of course, the consensus is a political process, not a valid scientific method.

But, we are now seeing the rise of the mainstream marketing of products and services that exaggerate the impact of global climate change, the presidency of Donald Trump, and the failure of our healthcare system to sell everything from prepper-approved supplies to insurance policies.

Think about it carefully, you are visiting this website because you are worried and asking the question, “Am I Next?”.

Bottom line: fear could be our future