Snowflakes, is the pejorative term used by the mainstream media to describe overly-sensitive young adults whose sensibilities are easily offended by even the most innocent of acts.  Using a state of perpetual outrage as a social signaling mechanism to demonstrate their virtue and adherence to the cause. Don't bother asking what cause, because they are usually unable to articulate their grievance or provide real-world examples. If anything, they go along to get along, and it is more important to fit in with the crowd, than think for themselves.

What this can mean for mixed-race, mixed-sex, and mixed-age workplaces is a increased potential for racial and sexual behavior that would be laughed off by the previous generation. Unfortunately, claims of racial or sexual harassment are taken very seriously by most companies and even an innocent remark can be a career killer, or if not a career killer, a roadblock to advancement. All this grief because a snowflake was outraged.

Since the new definition of child extends to 26 years-old under federal insurance guidelines, one needs to be wary of the over privileged and oversensitive children who appear to have never experienced real life or have grown beyond Twitter news and propaganda. Quite unlike the young men and women who proudly serve our military without complaint.

Interesting, in real life snowflakes, are different and unique, in the politically correct world, they are all the same and march to the same drummer. Go figure.

Be careful how you behave and think about what you are about to say -- even more important when political climate change indicates snow.

Are you asking yourself, Am I Next?

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