Am I Next? Natural Stress Reduction

I am being bombarded with books and systems for achieving better personal performance. All of which promise me outstanding achievements in my chosen endeavors. Unfortunately, most of these systems, products, and services do not recognize that people are not always going to perform at peak efficiency and that external systems only add to the noise, stress, and confusion of daily life. 

There are three easy-to-perform tasks that can yield significant improvements in your well-being. 

1.  Disengage from electronic devices ...

Whether your vice is playing video games or communication with cyber-friends using social media platforms, it necessary to step back and give your body a break from the constant need to focus attention on devices which often are time-wasters and proxies for procrastination. 

2. Declutter your environment ...

Whether in our home or our office, extraneous clutter often leads to upset and unnecessary stress as we berate ourselves for not being more organized.

3.  Take a walk for some "me time" ...

Nothing reduces stress or promotes new ideas like a walk without a purpose. Just ambling along and observing nature and your environment. Delighting in children play, people going about their day, and just the fact that you are not hunched over a desk working. 

Reduce the background noise in your life and reap the benefits of natural stress reduction.