Am I Next? Krush Technologies. Layoffs.

According to published reports, Krush Technologies in Dayton, Ohio has laid off half of its workforce, estimated to be 40 employees. The positive spin: “Moving forward, the Krush team remains optimistic about the future.” And, “Krush Media continues rapid growth in the very dynamic ad tech space and Krush Digital will continue operations of ooVoo and Flinch, which engage and connect millions of users every day.” 

Personally, I am not surprised that the company has decided to retrench and possibly pivot. It starts with the overblown and generic information on their website which looks like the product of a committee or someone with a buzzword generator.

Consider how they describe themselves in their “Who we are” tab on their website …

“Krush operates at the intersection of digital and physical, creating a more perfect union between humans and machine."

"By mashing up traditional and emerging technologies and culture in new and astounding ways, we build irresistible products that engage and connect."

"We’re always looking ahead to the next, exploring new ideas and discovering. We invent. We invest. We build. We nurture. We grow. We’re a company of makers and doers who are attracted to shifts in culture and tech. When the world changes, so do we. You’ll find our people behind the products you can’t put down and the experiences you keep coming back to."

"We’re an innovation factory focused on things like video communication, emotion AI, virtual and augmented reality, and beyond. We believe in humanizing technology so that its inevitable advance will mean happier and more connected humans. We create exciting spaces and meaningful experiences that bring people and machines together for the good of all.”

Fom their “What we create” tab …

"We ignore boundaries, building tech that spans physical and virtual worlds, hardware, software, and engineering. Our products create spaces for true engagement, excitement, and interaction."

And their description of their most prominent product, ooVoo …

"Open up life."

"With more than 185 million users, ooVoo is the world’s highest quality group video chat app featuring collaborative stories and allowing you to connect with friends, family, and the worldwide ooVoo community. Available on iOS and Android tablets, PC, Mac, and web. Download today!"

So, what’s the big deal?

The copy is boring and somewhat generic. And, as far as I can tell, ooVoo is a Skype “me too” product with a few nice features not presently found on the infinitely larger and more popular Skype -- but could be added if the competition became problematical. Nice, but not compelling to the large mass of longtime Skype users. The real value in the company is the value of that portion of those 185 million users who might see your paid ad in the free version or who have paid for the premium ad-free version.


According to a recent (July 6, 2017  ) press release ... 

“Krush Media Launches, Offering Fully-Managed Digital Advertising Solution for Advertisers and Publishers -- Owner and operator of popular social apps for millennials, including ooVoo, expands digital advertising offering – entering the traditional and programmatic space

“Krush Media, a full-service digital advertising and media company that allows brands and publishers to traditionally and programmatically execute powerful ad campaigns that engage and monetize audiences across all screens, launched today. For the past several years, Krush has owned and operated popular social apps, including ooVoo, representing a suite of top mobile, tablet, desktop and CTV publishers.

The company’s new, full-service offering will allow advertisers to place highly targeted and effective ads across all screens that drive deep customer engagement and higher conversion rates, while publishers can programmatically connect with advertisers and media buyers in search of high-quality ad inventory.

Krush Media’s Publisher Direct Network and ooVoo Audience Extension, coupled with its programmatic solution, first and third-party user data and full-service campaign management, guarantee measurable results across its network of partners.”

Great! From competing with Skype to competing with Facebook and Google for advertising dollars. And, more of the same boring descriptive language. 

When evaluating your company, look at the value proposition and the competition. Unless you see significant exploitable differences that will allow you to become the market leader or capture significant market share from the competition, your job might be on shaky ground. It also helps to read website and media releases to determine how management might be positioning the company. 

Meanwhile, let’s hope Krush lives up to their hype and do something great in the future.