Once again, Oracle is not being transparent about hundreds of layoffs involving teams associated with the Solaris operating system and SPARC storage products. Not unusual given billionaire Larry Ellison’s penchant for secrecy. Speculation is rampant about the continuing development of Linux and a plan to continually upgrade their Solaris 11.3 version rather than issue a new 12.0 version. It is believed that this may be part of a massive push to convince customers to abandon their on-premises hardware and systems and migrate their existing operations into the cloud as either a hybrid or full cloud deployment.

The company has been known to be less than forthcoming and rumors are flourishing …

“In early May 2017, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd denied a rumor that the company was planning massive job cuts in June 2017. At the time, Hurd called the mass layoff rumor “fake news.” Fast forward to present day (June: the start of Oracle’s new fiscal year) and multiple sources suggest the company had some cuts today — though the sources don’t consider the cuts to be “mass” layoffs.”

Then on June 1, 2017, we see, “Oracle apparently made job cuts today, according to sources close to the technology giant. ChannelE2E has not confirmed actual layoff figures, but one source suggests hardware teams, in particular will be stretched thin as the company doubles down on cloud services.”

One day you are gainfully employed in a well-paying job, and the next you receive your walking papers with details of your meager severance. Best practices include keeping your ear tuned to the company rumor mill and the musings of trade and commercial publications.

Am I Next? Oracle Layoffs