Am I Next? Post-merger layoffs at Keurig Dr. Pepper

Burlington, Massachusetts-based Keurig Dr Pepper, a leading coffee and beverage company in North America, appears to be executing its post-merger consolidation to eliminate redundancies and to achieve cost efficiencies.

The restructuring will result in 120 layoffs in Vermont. The bulk of the layoffs are associated with the closure of the research and development/early production facility in Waterbury, with other job losses in Williston and Essex.

The R&D and early production activities will be transferred to the company’s manufacturing plants in Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, and Canada. According to the company’s spokesperson, “We’ve determined that it’s more effective to locate those testing capabilities within the production facilities where process improvements are being implemented.”

The spokesperson explained that the layoffs are associated with a “new organizational structure as a key step of our integration process.” “This was a key step of bringing out two companies together. This was not targeted at one individual company over another. As you can imagine, with a merger of this size, there is a duplication of roles, so in part, this is a rationalization of that. It’s also about us optimizing our organizational structure for speed, growth and efficiency.”

The company has announced that it would be cutting approximately 500 positions by January 2019 as the restructuring proceeds. Many of the layoffs have taken place with other cuts at the company’s two main offices in Plano, Texas; Burlington, Massachusetts, and other locations.

It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere ... are you wondering, Am I Next?