Am I Next? CKE closes Anaheim Headquarters, moves to Franklin, Tennessee

The handwriting was clearly on the wall since March 2016 when Carpinteria, California-based CKE, the parent company of Carl’s, Hardee’s, and other fast-food restaurants made the decision to implement the relocation of the company’s headquarters to Franklin, Tennessee.

It was a business decision driven by California’s unfriendly business environment, high taxes, and high costs of living.

At that time 275 employees were left in the old Anaheim, California location where Carl Karcher founded the company in 1941.

So it comes as no surprise that the company has opted to close its Anaheim office and sell the property as it leaves California. It is believed that some of the jobs were transferred to foreign business process outsourcers.

according to a CKE spokesperson, “While maintaining multiple corporate offices made sense in the past, working from a single location is critical to building the culture we need to propel our business forward. With that in mind, we’ve undertaken the difficult task of closing our Anaheim office and moving its roles and function to Franklin.”

The Anaheim office was an operational hub that supported restaurant operations with accounting, finance, payroll, real estate development, facility maintenance, IT and construction services.

It appears that CKE will not be the last corporation to move out of California where the one-party progressive control over the government is openly anti-capitalist, anti-business and wants to fund their social programs, including the support of illegal aliens, on the backs of state businesses.

It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere ... are you wondering, Am I Next?