Am I Next? No Love at Sprint - 500 layoffs at Overland Park headquarters.

In the process of funding and building-out its next-generation wireless network, Sprint Corp., the fourth wireless network in the United States, is restructuring and executing a cost-containment program, originally initiated with a change in management in 2014,  that will see 500 employee layoffs at Sprint’s Overland Park, Kansas headquarters. This is in addition to top- and mid-level managers who either resigned or were laid-off last year.

Sprint spokesperson, Dave Tovar, commented, “ We realized there were some redundant jobs, and looked at how we could combine areas of the company under a smaller leadership team. Now we're in the process of looking team by team at those organizations, and looking at ways they can operate more efficiently. Eliminating roles is never easy. These are difficult decisions we do not take lightly. This is an ongoing process for us. We're going to always look for ways to operate our business more efficiently and effectively."

Are you asking yourself, Am I Next?