Am I Next? Layoffs at Whole Foods Market

Continuing its efforts to restructure Whole Foods Market after its acquisition by Amazon last year, Whole Foods has announced that there will be a company-wide layoff of individual store graphic artists and all regional marketing office positions below associate coordinator would be permanently laid off. The goal is to centralize signage decisions and the production of store signage in order to capitalize on the economies of scale. While a specific number of layoffs was not announced, it will probably affect over one hundred employees across eleven regions and 450 stores. 
The layoff plan was reportedly announced by the President of the Northeast Region, Nicole Wescoe via a 7-minute telephone conference call. It is said that the usual company platitudes were employed. 

“I want you guys to understand that decisions like this across the company — it is no reflection on how we value you, the work you do, and how you show up every day." The company needs to “better align staffing” to “support the needs of the business.” And the old standby, “this decision was not made lightly.” 

Again, hard work, dedication, and superb execution was trumped by corporate expediency. One wonders if the high-minded socially-conscious social justice crowd that shops at Whole Foods Markets will care or will say anything about a company now headed by one of the richest men in the world. 

Are you asking yourself, Am I Next?