Am I Next? Layoffs at Qualcomm

San Diego, California-based communications chipmaker, Qualcomm, Inc., continues their restructuring with the layoff of another 284 Jobs from Data Center Chip Unit, 43 from their California team and 241 employees at the company’s Raleigh, North Carolina data center. 

The chip unit designs, manufactures, and markets processing chips for data-center servers.

According to published reports, the chipmaker was originally considering the sale of the unit but changed direction. Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said, “Qualcomm remains committed to data-center opportunities and is not divesting the assets. We are reducing our investments in the data-center business but remain committed to our China joint venture [advanced server chipset technology 45% owned by Qualcomm, 55% owned by China] and refocusing our R&D efforts for upcoming compute opportunities at the edge of 5G networks and AI inference cloud chipsets.”

Are you wondering, Am I Next?