Am I Next? Bayer Monstanto Acquisition

The United States government has just announced its anti-trust approval for Leverkusen, Germany–based Bayer A.G. to takeover St, Louis, Missouri–based Monsanto to form the largest seed and agricultural chemical company in the world.

As the night follows the day, there will be divestitures, consolidations, restructurings, and other cost initiatives that will result in the layoffs and dislocation of thousands of affected individuals. Most at risk are likely to be those in the acquired organization, Monsanto, holding sales positions or are mid-level managers. Many still believe that this merger of agricultural giants will result in less competition and higher all-around costs for products and services such as engineered seeds and herbicides/pesticides. And that any cost savings will flow to executive bonuses and shareholder benefits. 

The deal, originally proposed in 2017, will see Bayer paying out $66 billion to consummate the deal. 

Are you asking, Am I Next?