Am I Next? ProMedica layoff - 100 employees.

Healthcare provider, Toledo, Ohio-based ProMedica, has announced that it  laid off approximately 100 employees this week and left another 60 positions unfilled. According to Randy Oostra, ProMedica CEO the decision to cut staff was conditioned on decreasing reimbursement rates and rising operational costs.

In an official statement, ProMedica spokesperson Karen Strauss noted “The healthcare industry continues to face a series of challenges, including decreasing reimbursement rates for services and rising operational costs. To adapt, health systems around the country have had to make tough financial decisions.

ProMedica has worked diligently to improve efficiencies and reduce costs across the organization, and we have made great progress. Unfortunately, like so many other health systems, it has not been enough given the current healthcare environment. As a result, and after a rigorous and thoughtful review, we have made the tough decision to reduce our workforce to address and respond to these external factors. Approximately 100 employees were notified this week of their positions being eliminated — the majority of those positions being in leadership roles and corporate functions. In addition, 60 non-direct patient care positions that were vacant will not be filled.”

Are you wondering, Am I Next?