Am I Next? Discovery Communications leaving Silver Spring, Maryland for New York City with layoffs.

Discovery Communications, the home of  Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and TLC is leaving its global headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland to move to New York City, New York. As a result of the sale and eventual closure of its “One Discovery Place” headquarters building, it is anticipated that 212 employees will lose their jobs. 

According to the standard corporate-speak statement by Discovery’s President and CEO, David Zaslav...

The media industry is rapidly evolving, increasingly global, more consumer-focused and more multi-platform and Discovery must evolve with it. The decision to move our global headquarters from its founding home is one we do not make lightly. 

“To take advantage of the proximity to business, investment and production partners in New York, the company will bring together all current Discovery and, pending closing of the transaction, Scripps employees currently located across several different facilities in New York in a new Global Headquarters.  Planning for the space and location in New York is underway with an anticipated move to a new building by the second half of 2019.”

Are you wondering, Am I Next?