Am I Next? Mass layoffs at oil giant Halliburton.

Houston, Texas-based Halliburton, one of the major oil and gas field drilling equipment and services provider in the world, has announced a major reduction in force across a multi-state area. Impacted are 650 employees in Colorado, new Mexico, North Dakota, and Wyoming. The decision was driven by declining market conditions in an extremely cyclical industry. Additional market pressure comes from an uncertain regulatory environment and states which are openly hostile to the exploration, drilling, processing, and usage of fossil fuels. These layoffs are in addition to the previously announced 8% reduction in Halliburton’s North America workforce.

According to a company spokesperson, “Making this decision was not easy, nor taken lightly, but unfortunately it was necessary as we work to align our operations to reduced customer activity.”

Change is coming. There will always be a tomorrow, no matter how much you may try to ignore it. There are no guarantees in life or promises for a bright future. Just because something bad hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. No one is guaranteed to wake up tomorrow and still have a job by evening. Are you now wondering, Am I Next?